Friday, January 28, 2011

work boots

When Michael decided to go to the Police Academy I remember him coming home with his uniforms and supplies. Among all the stuff was a pair of black boots. They are the brand that Matt (his brother) told him to get. I guess they have a guarantee on them and if something happens to the zipper or sole they will be replaced for free. Anyway, I remember Mike coming home from the Academy and saying he had to shine the boots... Easy right? Not exactly! So after someone in the class taught the guys how to shine the boots the right way, Mike came home and told me how to do it. So while he was doing homework and studying I started out shining the new black work boots. After a few tries I finally got it down to a good routine and was able to get a better shine than Michael could.

These shiny boots went with him every day to the Police Academy, they walked across the stage when Michael graduated from the police and fire academy. They walked on the ground leading to the place where he would have to say his last goodbye to his brother, his best friend. These boots have walked into houses where families are fighting, where people have died, where people have committed some type of crime. They have walked in water and mud, in ice and snow. These boots take my husband to work and bring him home at the end of a long day. I looked at his boots last night and realized how worn they are, they aren't stiff anymore and the leather is scuffed there is salt on the them from walking in the snow, but I can still get them to shine. I pray over these boots, pray that where they go that my husband will be safe, that Christ will go before him protecting his path and guiding him. I pray that they will walk into my door at night and track in the snow, so I know that for that day he is home safe and sound. I pray that I will never have to say goodbye to these boots because that would mean saying goodbye to my husband, my best friend.

Oh how little I knew how much seeing those boots would mean to me.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Lately I have been having a ton of thoughts and I decided I am going to start writing them down.
So I plan on taking time once a week to update my blog and spill out my thoughts to those who want to read them or whatever! Excited to get some of this off my mind and heart!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

What a great day!

Today was a day off for all.  We just hung out at home watched some movies then went to my dad's to go swimming, came home and had some chicken stir fry (YUM). Made some homemade coffee cake (YUM YUM). And now I am going to sit back relax and go over my notes and stuff for story formed life tomorrow.  Having a day off was wonderful!  

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cooking With Kids

So a few months ago I decided to let each kids help me one day a week with cooking dinner.  At first I thought it would be really frustrating, but it is one of the greatest things I have done with my kids.  It is a great bonding time with each one and they get so excited about cutting stuff up and seeing their work presented on the table at dinner.  Every time we eat the kids say thank you to the one that helped with dinner and I think they appreciate it more because they now understand how much work goes into preparing a meal.    Now if I could only get them to help do the dishes...